How we arrived at Loyalty


One day while watching the Houston daily news JPRINCE came upon a segment with the renowned trauma surgeon Dr James Henry “Red” Duke Jr.“Red” was the surgeon on duty at parkland hospital when President Kennedy and Texas Gov Connolly were shot and is credited with saving the life of Gov Connolly. Dr Red Duke was also one of the most recognized television personalities in his field and that day the Dr was discussing his good health and his lengthy career in medicine.
When asked:
Anything you must have every day? The Dr is quoted as saying:

A glass or two of red wine every night. Red grapes are loaded with flavonoids and good antioxidants. Drinking a little red wine every day can lower the incidence of darned near anything. I think that’s in the scriptures, too. Before that day J. Prince did not drink wine or any other alcohol for that matter.


While J Prince began drinking wine for health reasons he noted that since then he very much enjoys sipping a little bit of great wine and having memorable conversations with good company during a nice dinner. J Prince was attracted to the business aspect of the wine industry during one of his vineyard tours in Napa valley. The fact that he enjoys the product himself and the vast and continued growth of the market convinced J Prince of the potential the industry’s future has.